About Us

Passionate About the Environment & Renewable Energy

Who is Aus High Vision Solar and how did we become one of the best solar companies in New South Wales?

Aus High Vision Solar is locally owned and operated out of New South Wales by a team of renewable energy enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide the New South Wales region with a range of high-quality solar-related products and services (the keyword being quality). 

We saw a gap in the market for good and fair solar installations done on time, with care, and at an honest price. Customer service is our bread and butter and a core focus for the Aus High Vision Solar team. We provide customers with a range of solar options, including premium solar panels, solar storage systems, and solar system engineering designs. 

And, we are very proud to offer zero deposit finance, which allows customers of Aus High Vision Solar to start saving right away. We strive to maximize the return on our customer’s investment in our premium products, which is why Aus High Vision Solar products have been vigorously checked, tested, and designed to minimize your costs. 

At Aus High Vision Solar, one of our main goals is to give our customers the best possible return on investments across all solar systems we install. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and understanding of solar panels and renewable energy, and as a result, always provide top-of-the-line solar products at affordable prices.