Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switch for Q6500


The Manual Transfer Switch makes it easy for you to connect your home to your Q6500 inverter in the event of a power outage.

The transfer switch ‘kit’ is comprised of an IP66 15amp inlet, an IP66 32amp inlet (electrician will determine which one to use) and a 3 position switch (mains/off/generator) that is fitted into the meter board.

The switch must be fitted by a qualified electrician, and the kit comes with all the instructions.

GT20628-1-96 ATS Single Phase for 5-22kVA


Automatic Panels for Generator (AMF)

Key Features:

  • Quality robust materials

  • Large space for easy connection of the power cables and engine

  • Control phase voltmeter Mains /Generator

  • EJP

  • Automatic choke management to ensure cold start of petrol engines in any weather

  • Easy, functional and efficient battery charger

  • Programmable automatic test

  • Display to visualise all electrical measurements and alarms

  • LED display for operating status

  • Overload protection

  • RS232 to allow for shortcut setup


AC Supply
Frequency Range 48Hz to 64Hz
Voltage Range 90V to 265V (L-N)
DC Output – 3A DC 12V DC at13.7V DC
Ripple and Noise – <1%
Dimensions (mm)
– 108 x 101 x 49
Weight – 0.16kg